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More than just design or development.


It starts with you.  scarletSmoke Concepts is devoted to inspiring you to think with your left and right brain, as we agree to do the same.  Utilizing the most efficient technology, skills, and talent, we will push to, not only think outside the box, but throw the box out altogether.  Imagine responsive web design and development that doesn't leave your new smartphone hungover.  Consider us your graphic design-hangover ibuprofen, figuratively of course.


First, let's talk personality.  Because not only is our goal to increase your profit margins, but we want it to feel just as satisfying.  Then, after running over the insides and out, you get your free estimate.  Should you choose to continue, the relationship continues for the duration of the design process, and in the end, we never keep rights to your design.  Your new design belongs to you.  How will that feel?


Using only the best in modern technology, your work won't be outdated.  In fact, we still train on almost a daily basis.  That way your web, digital, and print design work is developed in only the way Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Illustrator CS6, and more can handle.  Not to mention, web sites are developed using all of the latest HTML5 and CSS3 coding techniques for both standard and responsive web development, and packaged in an easy to use content management system (CMS), Concrete5 being our specialty (take our website for example), so you don't have to train to keep your website updated personally.  From vector to raster graphics, or from responsive to standard, your graphics and web development will never be delivered behind the times.

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The Zarlengo Foundation is a charitable organization benefiting children with learning disabilities. By their instructions, we took their old website design and revamped it, welcoming the foundation's online presence to 2012. Using ModX initially, then transferring to Concrete5, we developed an entirely new and modern design, upgrading their web impression.

Project Type: Web design & development
Project Completion: April 2012

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